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Custom Fat Boy 120R!

28 January 2016

Custom Fat Boy 120R!

We've put together an awesome custom built Fat Boy 120R! Best thing is it's available for purchase from Canberra Harley now! This motorcycle has $10,000 worth of extras stacked on to create a beautiful example of the 2016 Fat Boy. Check out what it's got:

  • Throttle body kit
  • Variable pressure clutch kit
  • Heavy breather
  • EFI Super Tuner
  • Badlander Seat
  • Street Slammer Handlebars
  • Screamin Eagle 120R Engine
  • Crested Bar & Shield Shifter Peg
  • Crested Bar & Shield Brake Pedal
  • Chrome Mini Footboard
  • Chrome Get-A-Grip Grips
  • Layback License Plate
  • LED Head and Tail Lights
  • Black Magic Paint Option
  • D&D FatCat Exhaust


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